Quick note about the driveband!

HelloOoo there!

There is one teeny tiny detail I wanted to note. It’s really not an issue, and it would be super easy to change, but I still want to mention it anyway 🙂

(talking about on p.32 of the instructions) Concerning the driveband, it says to make it around 75″. That is what I did and it works perfectly for me! But if you use a wheel that is bigger or smaller than the one I used, you will probably want to adjust the driveband length accordingly. Generally speaking, you can vary the length a little bit however you see fit 😉

And that’s it! Can’t wait to see some photos of finished wheels 😀

Happy Spinning!

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2 Responses to Quick note about the driveband!

  1. Grace Witham says:

    OK my boyfriend built me your spinning wheel and it is really nice. I’m a VERY beginning spinner. Couple of questions

    What kinds of rovings would you recommend for beginning spinners? I also noticed that you ply your yarn. Any suggestions on how you do that with your wheel?

    I don’t know HTML, how can I post a picture?

    Thanks so much for your plans!


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