Happy Holidays from Fox Hollow!

HOLIDAY SALE!!! Through December 25th, PDF instructions to make a Thrifty Fox Spinning Wheel are marked 25% off! Perfect for the aspiring – or professional – spinner in your life!

Click here to get yours now! 🙂

Happy holidays, and happy spinning! 🙂


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Quick note about the driveband!

HelloOoo there!

There is one teeny tiny detail I wanted to note. It’s really not an issue, and it would be super easy to change, but I still want to mention it anyway 🙂

(talking about on p.32 of the instructions) Concerning the driveband, it says to make it around 75″. That is what I did and it works perfectly for me! But if you use a wheel that is bigger or smaller than the one I used, you will probably want to adjust the driveband length accordingly. Generally speaking, you can vary the length a little bit however you see fit 😉

And that’s it! Can’t wait to see some photos of finished wheels 😀

Happy Spinning!

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Thrifty Fox Wheel Tour

Some people have asked me to do a sort of “tour” of the Thrifty Fox Spinning Wheel, so I made this video!

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Handspun yarn

I received a few requests to see what I’ve spun, so here are some things I spun on my Thrifty Fox Spinning Wheel! 
(I’ve made way more than this, but much of what I’ve spun was already used up in projects before being photographed hehe)

here’s what’s left of some handspun I already used for some projects 😉scraps


some in progress spinning. I tend to spin a pretty fine yarn!

on the spindle

the orange and cream color I used to knit the fox tail! I found some orange fluff I forgot to spin, and finished that up too!

fox orange spindle orange hank

someone gave me this bag of these short tuffs of fluff and told me it was silk. the short staple length wasn’t the easiest to work with, some bumps here and there, but it still turned out okay!


red and green purple mohair faint rainbow


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Thrifty Fox Spinning Wheel – plans now available!

Welcome to Fox Hollow Spinning, home of the Thrifty Fox Spinning wheel!

Now available are the PDF plans to build your very own!

click me .jpg

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